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University of Kordofan

Faculty of Economic & Commercial Studies


Historical background:

Based on the recommendation of the senate of Kordofan University in its periodic meeting (7), the Council of the University of Kordofan agreed in 21st of June 1999 to establish the Institute of Accounting and Banking Studies and Information Systems. It was a response to the student’s application for studying these subjects to contribute to the social and economic revolution. Afterwards, the study was started in the institute by the end of December 1999.

Why Institute and not a Faculty?

The aim of the institute was to focus on practical study more than theoretical study, the thing which let the students to study 60% of the corriculum to be practical and 40% to be theoretical study. The institute targeted both employees in government and non-governmental institutions.  

Objectives of the institute:

  1. Qualifying the employees of civil services in Kordofan states
  2. Qualifying students and awarding them degrees of bachelor and diploma in the fields of accounting, banking, information system and business administration .
  3. Preparing studies and projects evaluation
  4. 4.Cooperating with institutes and other related cooperations with the institute sujects

Application and admission:

The Sudanese School Certificate is the base of admission through two ways:

  1. Direct application at the univerity where the student apply by present certificate or by the old certificate. The final approval comes from the general administration of admission with special emphasis on employees of civil services.
  2. Through general competition at the web site of general administration of admission at the Ministry of Higher Education where only the certificate of the present year is accepted

Departments of the institute:

The institute awards certificates in the following specializations:

  1. General bachelor in four years and bachelor of honor in five years in:
    • Accounting studies
    • Banking studies
    • Information systems
    • Business administration
  2. General technical diploma in three years in the four above fileds of specializations
  3. Intermediate technical diploma in two years in the above four field of specializations

Study system:

The institute follows the semisters system and credit hours. The specialization start from the 5th semester for the students of direct admission. However, for the students of technical diploma who have been admitted from general administration for admission the specialization it starts from 1st semister.

Institute Alumni:

The institute graduated the first batch in general technical diploma of three years in December 2002 while it graduated the first batch of general bachelor in October 2003.

Graduated students from institute of accounting and banking studies and information system

Batch Years of graduation males females total
First-diploma 2002 10 5 15
Second –diploma+bachelor 2003 15 10 25
Third – diplom 2004 35 20 55

The way forwad of the Institute of Accounting and Banking Studies and Information Systems:

As a natural progress the institute was upgraded by combining its academic programes into two faculties which are faculty of commercial studies and faculty of computer studies which encompasses programmes of business administration and accounting and statistics. Then, the academic activities for obtaining bachelor degree in name of the institute were stopped since 2004 after the institute has graduated its last batches. However, the programme of technical diploma of three years continued under the umbrella of faculty of commercial studies but with the name of the institute. However, the certificates which were awarded to the community flits over the sky of those who brought the idea of the institute.